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Recreation Ground Abuse

1 week ago

After such a successful CAMFEST at which over 500 residents really enjoyed their day and the facilities at The Recreation Ground, it is extremely sad and concerning to report that The Recreation Ground is being abused again by unknown individuals.

It was upgraded to its current status a few years ago thanks to a lot of very hard work by a number of individuals and very generous donations from the people of Chipping Campden.  It is maintained at considerable expense by its own Charity financed by The Town Council at not far short of £20K/year.

Yesterday, The Town Clerk received complaints:

  1. Horrible graffiti of a graphic nature on the Bob Wilson Memorial Bench and inside the Wendy House
  2. A very large bird which had been slaughtered, decapitated and had its feet removed and its intestines smeared in the Wendy House.
  3. BBQ – damage to the picnic benches and tables.
  4. Individuals walking their dogs were observed, this despite obvious notices saying that “Dogs are not allowed on The Recreation Ground.” and fines will be issued when they are caught.

As a member of The Town Council I am distraught that individuals should act in this way when The Council is providing and maintaining recreational facilities for the people of Chipping Campden, young and old alike.

The Council would be extremely grateful for any information that would lead to the identification of these said individuals.

Please report to the Town Clerk by email at [email protected] or leave a telephone message on 01386 – 841298. Your comments will be treated in the Strictest Confidence.

Michael Haines


  1. Rachael Mears

    Sickening, just sickening. I suppose just because this is Chipping Campden doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

  2. Richard Adams

    At a time when the community has pulled together for a fantastic day, and this is how some members (low lifes) respond. Pathetic!

  3. Sally

    There are no words for some people.

  4. David

    Seriously, what is the matter with people? What do individuals get out of doing this? Are they after attention? Should the community be worried, if they are this sick with animals what might someone do with a human? These individuals need tracking down and not punishing but need genuine help!

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