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October Lockdown?

1 week ago

We must stress that this is only chatter, but there’s talk of an October lockdown.  The Government have stated “this is a last resort”, which means it’s not out of the question.  The theory goes that if cases continue to rise like they are that a ‘breaker’ might be needed to bring down cases.  The reality, compared to last year, is that the vaccines are working and there will be booster jabs available soon.  One idea is that the half-term holidays will be extended to two weeks to allow cases to return to a manageable level.


Here’s the latest COVID cases for the Chipping Campden area:

Across the UK cases have been surging, but this was bound to happen with the return of schools and workers returning to the office.  This is the latest relating to cases nationally:


This looks rather dramatic, and the media are jumping all over it. But then, when we look at the death rates it paints a different story:

Now here’s the data for the last 7 days on hospital admissions:

Whilst this is not in any way meant to dampen spirits especially in this glorious weather, it does mean that looking ahead we need to look forwards and plan an approach to potentially supporting one another once more through the coming autumn and winter ahead.

What do you think about the proposal of an Autumn breaker?  How do you think this would impact Chipping Campden and the surrounding area?


  1. Andy

    Stop listening to the scaremongering.

    Live your best life.

    Vote against lockdowns unless you want more people to die!

  2. David

    Whilst not ideal, we all have to do what we have to do and sensibly to avoid a winter like 2020. Hopefully most will act responsibly over the coming months. I doubt there will be a lockdown though be more a restriction of sorts.

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