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Netflix Filming – Letter to the Community

4 weeks ago
netflix filming in chipping campden

The Town Council has been in further discussions with Type3 Productions about the proposed filming in Chipping Campden. The letter to residents and businesses is below that will be distributed over the next few days in the High Street, Leasbourne, Lower High St, Sheep Street, Park Road, Back Ends and Calf Lane including Peelers Close. The letter explains the proposal and what is being done to mitigate any disruption. The intention is for Type3 to make personal contact with as many people as possible.

Let us know your thoughts and comments below in the comments box below this article.

Your feedback is  important to the Town Council’s Decision Making Process:



Dear Resident or Business owner,

As you may be aware, Type3Productions are producing an action adventure series for a major online streaming service. We had planned to film scenes in Chipping Campden Market Square Car Park earlier this year but unfortunately had to postpone filming for covid-related reasons beyond our control. We are very excited to feature Chipping Campden in the show and are in discussions with Chipping Campden Town Council and Chipping Campden Town Trust about our proposal to film on the Tuesday 28th & Wednesday 29th of September between 12:00 until 20:30. I am writing to you to make you aware of these proposals and to detail a timeline of the proposed activities. We wish to garner any feedback you may have in order to ensure that, on gaining approval, the project runs as smoothly as possible for all parties.

Traffic Management Due to the dressing and equipment we would be bringing into the Market Square, and to facilitate our shoot in the safest possible way for residents and crew alike, we are proposing a temporary road closure along the High Street. This would be in place from 05:00 AM on Tuesday 28th September until 05:00 AM Thursday 29th September. We have sought approval from Chipping Campden Council and the local highways authority. We would of course also grant access to business owners, customers, residents, deliveries, bus and emergency services. If filming was to commence, we would only be taking up parking immediately around our Location in the Market Square Car Park in order to keep the continuity of our show. The road closure would be undertaken by our traffic management company and we will endeavour to minimise traffic and disruption, please see our proposed traffic management plan attached to this letter.

We would also like to cordon off 8 to 10 spaces within the Market Square Car Park in order to erect our set dressing ahead of our shoot on Monday 27th September. We would provide overflow parking free of charge at the rear of the Kings Arms hotel and this will be marshalled by our own stewards.

During our shoot days on Tuesday 28th & Wednesday 29th September we would provide free parking at Pans Place, Back Ends, Chipping Campden GL55 6AU. We will have a cut through the Cotswold House Hotel to the High Street, and this will be signposted. We would also have a shuttlebus active across the duration of our shoot to bring less abled visitors into the High Street from our overflow parking area.

Timings & Scenes Filming would commence from approximately 12:00 to 20:30, however there could be activity around the square from 08:00 AM in order to set up. Our action primarily takes place on the pavement outside the Kings Arms hotel, the Market Square car Park, and some inside the Old Police Station. All on set crew will wear headsets to communicate from 19:00 in order to keep noise levels down. We will take every precaution possible, to create safe diversions around equipment, and will endeavor to keep disruption to you to an absolute minimum. We will of course allow pavements to free flow and may only request public to wait for two minutes at a time during takes to keep the continuity of the scenes. Please see full breakdown of our proposed activities overleaf.

Technical Vehicles Our technical vehicles would be parked with the permission of a landowner 1 mile out of town and we would use pickups and smaller vans to bring the equipment into town. We would store items in our allocated kit areas off of the high street. We will have an ultra-silent generator situated nearby to set which will be operated by qualified technicians and this is essential to ensure we have the power necessary to facilitate our shoot. Technical equipment on the pavement will be kept to a minimum, and we will not obstruct Public walkways.

We do of course hold fully comprehensive public liability insurance and all filming activity is risk assessed to ensure we are conducting our filming safely. We will make every effort to ensure the minimum disruption to surrounding residents and businesses. Filming on location cannot take place without the ongoing support of local residents and businesses, and for this we are extremely grateful. Throughout our filming members of my team will be on site to ensure smooth running and that our presence in the area does not cause any undue disruption. Please see details of how to contact us with any concerns or queries overleaf.

Thank you reading and I look forward to perhaps meeting some of you during our filming.

Yours faithfully,

Harriet Press Location Manager Type3Productions LTD

Statement of Proposed Operations

During our preparatory works on Monday 27th September, the High Street will remain open but there will be 8/10 bays unavailable within the Market Square car park. We will keep the bays in use by us to a minimum, and alternative parking will be available behind the Kings Hotel, this will be stewarded at all times by our security personnel.

Sunday 26th September, from 16:00

Security on site to cone the spaces required for the car park markings to be painted out and the monument to be erected. This will be on a flexible basis with a visible steward allowing parking for shoppers and diners during the evening, but trying to avoid having cars parked in the spaces overnight, this will allow us to begin work quickly the following morning.

Monday 27th September, 08:00 to 18:00

Car park markings removed and monument begins to be installed. This will require use of approximately 20 spaces at first with spaces released back to the public when the paint has dried. During this time the parking area behind The Kings Hotel will be available to shoppers, with stewards on site advising the public of this. Towards the end of the day, once the markings are removed, we will be down to 8-10 bays to cover the footprint of the completed monument.

Tuesday 28th and Wednesday 29th September, 08:00 to 20:30

It is during these two shoot days that the entirety of the car park will be reserved to allow for our filming to take place. The High Street will be closed to road traffic between Church Street and Sheep Street, but remain open to pedestrians. Each end of the closure will be manned at all times by our Traffic Management operatives who have been advised to be flexible and allow access for residents, business owners, customers, deliveries, drop offs, emergency services and shuttle buses, as soon as the road has been made safe to do so. We will cone the spaces around the Market Square car park but will be able to allow parking along the high street within the closure out of the view of our camera. Free alternative parking will also be available for visitors at Pans Place, Back Ends, Chipping Campden GL55 6AU. A shuttle bus courtesy of the production will operate between here and the High Street for any members of the public who wish to make use of this. There will also be a sign posted walking route to the high street via the Cotswold Spa Hotel garden.

Thursday 30th September & Friday 1st October 08:00 to 18:00

We begin with all of the Market Square car park reserved to allow for any equipment to be removed and the car park markings to be reinstated. We will hand back spaces to the public as soon as possible and will have parking available at the Rear of Kings Arms Hotel until full reinstated.

Anyone with any specific questions or concerns is more than welcome to send email enquiries to: [email protected] or alternatively you can write to us at: Type3Productions Ltd, C/o Town Council, The Old Police Station High St, Chipping Campden GL55 6HB


  1. Patrick Spink

    There’s a saying: “You can’t please all the people all the time”. But it strikes me that a number of the posts seem to be about trying to to get as much as possible out of Netflix with little genuine regard to the overall interests of the town. It is a fact that Film Locations do attract visitors and Campden businesses, and hence the economic welfare of the town, rely on visitors (even if not everyone seems to like this fact). Furthermore, Netflix have contributed directly to a number of Town Trusts/Charities – which benefits the whole community. In addition compensation has been offered to individual businesses. So everyone benefits. And following the last year this surely has to be welcomed.

  2. David Ainsbury

    I think the that there will be winners and losers over the two days but all retail businesses will benefit over the years ahead. This survey shows how the Town Council have and are doing a good job and should be thanked for all the time effort and abuse they have to endure whilst working on our behalf.

  3. Marco

    To be perfectly clear, I’m all for anything that bring life to Campden..but False promises & lies were told the first time around.. so why bother with this, when It’s a little too late, from those who have already decided, to ask our opinion.. mah?!?
    here’s my opinion as you’ve asked..
    To those that are impressed with Type3 clever cover letter, perhaps we should remind them that on their last visit they did not do as they originally stated..
    The car park was closed earlier than stated.. more spaces were taken( 8 must equal 12 in London) than advertised, the other free spaces left, were also taken by their own vans, as so were the few spaces provided ( under payment) by the Kings hotel.
    Marshalls spent their time on their phone instead of directing traffic.
    The car park provided ( under payment) from the school wasn’t available for anyone else than the crew.. etc etc
    To those sceptical of these facts, just look online to see proof.. It’s there.
    To those that think that a SCI-FI for teens it’s going to bring us fame.. perhaps you forget that Chipping Campden it’s one of the most quintessential towns in Great Britain, famous for his architecture & market town history.. some would say it is the Jewel in the heart of the Cotswold.. not a claim made by me, it’s just word on the street..
    The so claimed free ( perhaps not so much when it comes at other people expenses) advertising, created by the 3 minute scene in a SCI-FI ghost-chasing film that will be based in London ( yes, no recollection to any of Campden buildings or businesses will be left in the film) might not have a following as large as you think..
    To Those like the Peeler trust that received compensation for disrupting their tenants for hiring out the Police station, you don’t need to leave a cheesy message on here to sugarcoat the sour pill that most businesses have to swallow ( twice now) . As The majority of businesses won’t benefit from the disruption at all.. as closing the high street & partially closing the square is taking away thousands of visitors per day.. needless to say, visitors spends money’s in our shops.. fact not hot-air.
    To those that claim the crew, of simply 100 people ( versus 1000 visitors) will spend money in tow.. perhaps they forget these crew member work around the clock, for basic wages & might not go and buy flowers at Lisa Drinkwater/ the bay tree, buy delicious locally sourced food at Filet & Bone/ Tokes, buy a souvenir at Franky Dooodle/four seasons, or pick a nice candle at Dove/Cotswold Lux/Sam Wilso/Ambient, or they won’t be going to get their hair cut by Mathew Curtis or The organic Angels, or they won’t get a massage or manicure at H&B/Campden beauty, or the won’t go visiting The girls at The attic/Tina or perhaps buy any delicious bread at Saras deli.. and dont get me started on the hospitality establishment.. renting rooms that would have been sold out to tourists eager to spend money’s in all of the above high street shops & cafe/restaurants.. instead we have crew member that have been worked hard & on a tight budged.. as we all are, when we work away, as it’s not like been on holiday!
    Again, proof of a huge loss of trade from the high street shops is real & available.. for some as high as 40%..
    To the above, add the ripple effect onthe staff of the establishment, that had their shifts cancelled or sent home early, so that the business reduces the losses.. all just when most of the staff have only started earning 100% of their wages..
    it is a much broader picture than just feeling cool as Netflix is in town.. it’s not easy to see, as smoke have been thrown in our eyes & £10000 sold us all.. The council got played by Goliath, and David dont have enough money to buy the slingshot this time..
    Life goes on, it’s just a shame that in a lovely community like ours, we dont quite have each other back when’s needed.. I though we learnt something from the past 18 months..
    As the French would say: Se La Vie

    Ps. Netflix a 2.7 billion profit business.. would have hurt to ask for a little more to cover the disruption to the town? It’s always about business…

  4. Shoshana Kitchen

    We were promised some sort of compensation the first time round.
    My rental cottages are on the High Street and it is hugely inconvenient again for round 2 for my guests who didn’t find the whole experience of filming exciting
    and it was just a pain !! It was a significant inconvenience even with warning as to what was happening that week.
    I am still waiting for a response from Harriet from the last meeting and strangely when i put in the agreed bill for daily compensation I had no reply.
    I understand some other businesses have received a thousand pounds already – so why not all businesses ?? So your company not only owes me for the previous filming that was cancelled for all my 4 businesses and I will require compensation for the next round of filming in addition to the first .
    The car park was used almost entirely for almost a week and my guests struggled with suitcases and extra luggage from a distance. Really not on when they have booked this over a year ago .
    Anyone excited for a little thrill of a TV series in their Town has obviously not got a business directly affected.
    This falls in line with all other businesses within the first meeting that were represented for the first round of filming .

    • Patrick Spink

      As a Director of the Social Business (Cotswold Edge Enterprise Ltd) that operates CampdenOnline can I point out that this is a Community Forum where issues of interest can be commented on. Unfortunately it is not an email service. Perhaps I can suggest that if you want communicate with Harriet at Netflix that you email her directly – I’m sure she will will be more than willing to provide a constructive response.

      • Shoshana Kitchen

        I have emailed Harriet if you read the post correctly and she has not responded the first time round !! She didn’t reply at all let alone a constructive response –

  5. Sue White

    There will be some disruption in Chipping Campden but we may benefit in the future when more business is brought to our valued shops, pubs and hotels. As well as the on screen publicity books containing film locations are available and we will be in them. I hope the compensation is adequate and fair. Are extras required?

  6. Mary Doney

    I live in Calf Lane. Are cars going to be diverted here for parking? During working hours there is little space available and is often used by the staff working at The Lygon and Noel Arms. Or will it become a “rat run”? It seems to me that being clear on the financial side would probably help to get people behind the project. It’s not a long time in the scheme of things – but lack of clarity doesn’t help. I’m lucky as I can easily walk into town but for our less mobile residents- understandably they must have concerns, and they are, after all our major supporters of our local traders.

  7. Jennifer Gibbins

    I am impressed by the careful and considerate nature of the plans for the few days of filming. Some people may be briefly inconvenienced, but the project may well bring some pleasant publicity to our town, although I doubt that it will bring hoards of visitors. It seems to me an agreeable bit of fun. The few people I have met who are involved in the project, have seemed anxious not to offend people in any way, and willing to go to considerable, and expensive, lengths to avoid this.

  8. Chris Gates

    The profits of Type3 Productions should not come at the expense of businesses in Campden, many of whom have experienced a very tough 18 months during the Pandemic. This is the inevitable consequence of their plans for the town centre car park and the disruption that will arise from this. From what we saw of their last failed attempt in July – none of their promised mitigations can be believed.

  9. Carol Jackson

    I think it is great fun. It seems well organised and potential problems have been thought about. It adds another bit of ‘spice’ and interest to the town for visitors and residents. Do you remember Adam Bede being filmed in August heat when they put snow down by the Almshouses in the late 1980s/early 1990s and Crush – with many local extras!!

  10. Dorothy Hart

    My husband’s business is based in Sheep Street. If any compensation is being given to businesses in the town, he feels that it should be given to all businesses affected by the traffic diversion and not just to those in the High Street.

    Another consideration has to be that the first projected filming was during school holidays, when the school car park was available for parking. The new dates will be during school term time and the school car park will not be available.

  11. julie hargreaves

    the eight bells is happy to support the filming of the series.
    we ourselves have rooms booked for crew; they were also booked last time, but insisted that we did not have to refund the payment for these rooms when filming cancelled, and they have paid again 100% for the ‘new’ rooms. That shows a good respect for our business in my opinion – and hopefully people will eat/drink in the Town businesses as well when they come back.
    i prefer the fact it is ‘outside’ of the school holidays, too, as will be a little quieter generally in Town – that said, the coaches/ cars for the school will really need to be aware of the disruption to routes!

  12. Gina Blomefield

    I am very hopeful that this filming will bring benefits to Chipping Campden over the longer term but it would be good if the production company for Netflix could give some compensation to the retail and hospitality businesses in the centre of town for their loss of trade in the build up and during the filming. When this filming was first attempted it did, quite naturally, have a detrimental effect on the amount of business done in the town over those days.

  13. Matt

    I think that the visit should be welcomed.

  14. Martin

    I really don’t see this as an issue. It’s some minor disruption for a few days and I’m sure the production company is compensating the community in someway. Technically of course it’s not Netflix , they’re just the backers, it’ll be a production company employing many freelance staff in an industry that suffered greatly during the pandemic. They’ll want to spend money in the shops too.
    There’ll be some short term gain for Chipping, but it’s unlikely to be the next Notting Hill !

  15. roger Robinson

    A letter should have spelt out the financial benefits to the town before the decision was made. I don’t welcome the disruption but would tolerate it if the community and/or a local charity benefitted
    My guess is this will benefit a few but disrupt all
    Roger Robinson

    • Patrick Spink

      Hi, Roger,

      As I have commented earlier there is compensation being made to local businesses and significant contributions made to local Trusts/Charities which benefit the whole community. It is also true to say that an extensive consultation is being carried out across all the directly affected residents and town businesses (including many not on the High St.); no final decision has yet been made.

  16. Richard Adams

    This is an excellent opportunity for Chipping Campden.

  17. Sally Richards

    Surely this is a good thing for the town?! Visit my store, featured in the latest Lockwood and Co series as seen on Netflix? This is international free marketing surely? Why don’t people / can’t they see this? Netflix is bigger than the BBC!!!

  18. P Gwilliam

    Well thought out, well planned. A golden opportunity for Chipping Campden. Let’s do it.

  19. Christina Kingsmill

    I have no objections to the filming.

  20. John Ellis

    I fully support the filming, and am impressed by the mitigation measures that are being promised. I believe that the original work provided significant economic benefits to many businesses in the town, and that this will be repeated by the second session. The town will also benefit from the publicity associated with the running of the film.
    Obviously not every business will benefit, but the overall effect will be a substantial benefit

  21. Graeme Laws

    What does the community get paid for this disruption? Nothing, I assume. If they give £200,000 to Campden Home Nursing I agree. If not, tell them to get lost. We do not need this to promote the town which is already besieged by tourists.

    • Richard Adams

      The community maybe nothing, businesses a lot more with an open mind.

    • Martin S

      No objections to this at all. It’s only a few days and they’re taking all precautions and being as considerate to the locals as possible. They’ll be some short term gain for Chipping Campden, but it’s unlikely to be the next Notting Hill !

  22. Ian and Bridget Reekie

    Please inform us what is the financial benefit of this interruption to the town council and the shops and businesses?

    • Richard Adams

      After a COVID-19 pandemic any attention for this small Cotswold town in my opinion is welcome. Featured in an international TV series is even better.

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