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    2 months ago

    Update from Campden Rotary

    At the Club’s Assembly meeting this month, we were at last able to look forward to some tentative signs of normality returning. We are planning our first face to face meeting in July, and it will be a real joy to meet again in person (albeit with Covid restrictions in place).

    Last month we were able to help with funding in the locality including an offer of funding to Campden Home Nursing for children’s/young people’s bereavement counselling sessions; we set aside more funding to assist the Food Bank and also a donation to the fund to renovate the paths in the Ernest Wilson Garden. We begin our Rotary New Year in July and our retiring President Drewe Lacey who has steered us through the last tough year deserves a bit of respite, although he has recently taken on a district role, so he will in fact be even busier! This year’s President Elect is Jill Leese.

    Plans for next year include a Race Night in conjunction with Campden Home Nursing in October (more details to follow later in the year) and the Great Scarecrow Competition which will take place at CAMFEST (a wonderful opportunity to gather together and celebrate our local community) on the 29th August. All details are on our website and Facebook page together with a link to the application form, which is also included here. The categories for the cash prizes are under 12’s, 12-18’s and over 18’s. Local businesses can also enter their own category for a £5 entry fee. (details to be posted on our website). So, join in the fun, get your creative hats on, and help us raise some more funds for deserving causes.

    You can follow us on our Facebook page and our website. If you are interested in joining us either as a full member, or as a friend, you can contact us through our website or email address: [email protected]

    #campdenrotary #fundraising



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